Expo is shaping up to be an important event on a global scale. All of the countries participating in Expo and the people who come to visit the event will have the possibility to take part in a unique and unrepeatable experience in Milan. A voyage through the many facets offered by the theme of our planet’s food, the topics of wine and gastronomy, eco-sustainability, pathologies linked to improper or insufficient nutrition, technologies used in agriculture and new resources will all be explored. Discovering and learning about the single cultural identities of the different countries and focusing attention on the individual with a consciousness and awareness of personal choices is one of the most important objectives of the event. Expo Milan 2015 also intends to be the first exposition with an objective not related only to products or objects, but also to themes that will be explored through debates and initiatives designed to foster awareness in the entire event audience. Protagonists from the international community will meet at Expo to discuss the most significant challenges facing humanity: how to guarantee safe drinking water and food, protect biodiversity and ensure continuous and positive growth. The scope of the event will not only be to identify the responses to the issues presented at Expo, but to also offer the most suitable instruments for actively taking part in the change that the event hopes to initiate, uniting the entire world population.

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