Discreet by nature, the chef does not speak out very often: he prefers his dishes do the talking for him. Zucchini, eggplant and Regina tomatoes are the products that he loves the most, reminiscent of his love for the South: a strong regional culture, a taste for all that is authentic and a passion for healthy products are only three of the elements that describe him. “For me, you should never cook anything that is not in season! I could never eat strawberries in winter!”. He travels around the surrounding countryside to find his main ingredients, and he spends his weekends along trails searching for rare lavender honey. He selects vegetables from the market kissed by the sun and when he thinks of the sea the best fish from the Mediterranean come to mind, like red mullet and sea bass. “My priority is to work almost exclusively with local traditions and to interpret their flavours. Customers appreciate the convivial and decidedly southern aspect of our dishes. Being authentic in all I do is my only secret!”. Philippe Joannes has maintained a high level traditional approach and he practices his craft with great skill. With his cuisine he can create exceptional meals both for 2 people as well as 5,000 people with the same utmost quality, with dishes to be tasted, preserved and savoured over and over.