When entering the restaurant area, the public is projected in a setting which recalls a typical Monegasque market. Aromatic plants and baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables will decorate as centerpieces and will be a clear link to products grown in the roof vegetal garden. The main theme of the cuisine is “product for the product”: according to this philosophy, it will be essential to work the raw material as little as possible, thus offering dishes close to a concept of intact nature. The choice of the chef Philippe Joannes, and all his team, was to prefer seasonal and locally grown food. The result is a seasonal menu that will change depending on the availability of ingredients. To make all this possible, the Fairmont Monte Carlo chose to buy fruits and vegetables from local producers so as to drastically reduce pollution from transport, while requiring its suppliers to minimize the packagings. Together with the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, the main goal will be to refrain the use of species that are threatened, such as “bluefin tuna” which became an endangered species due to over-consumption: all this falls within “Mr Goodfish” project that the Principality of Monaco supports together with the Fairmont Monte Carlo team.


The container, as an universally shipping symbol, becomes the box that contains the take away creations made by the chef. Ad hoc finger food, km 0 products and bio ingredients will be ready to be “carried” away.